UTEC, a Lowell-based youth services organization picks up, deconstructs and recycles mattresses from across northern New England. We contract with municipalities, hotels, schools, universities, assisted living facilities and hospitals. Our young adults participate with the pick-ups and deconstruct the mattresses at our Lawrence facility while learning valuable workplace skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about our recycling programs, and services, please contact us at 978-856-3997.


The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection selected UTEC as a qualified vendor to provide statewide mattress recycling services to state organizations including cities and towns.

UTEC currently provides mattress recycling services for the following cities and towns: Acton, Cambridge, Framingham, Hanson, Hanover, Kingston, Lowell (weekly curbside pick-up), Marblehead, Medfield, Needham, Newburyport (monthly curbside pick-up), Norwood, Pembroke, Sherborn, and Winchester.

Don’t see your town mentioned? Contact your local DPW and ask how mattresses and box springs are recycled in your area or contact us to learn more about our drop-off options.

Schools & Universities: If your campus has unwanted mattresses, we will take care of them. With clients in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we will help determine the best way to remove the mattresses without interfering with busy move-out seasons or day-to-day operations. Contact our business team to learn more.

Hotels, Hospitals & Senior Living Centers: UTEC provides one-stop pick-ups or accepts drop-offs at our facility. Depending on the need, we can schedule the jobs to take just a couple of hours or we can spread them out over multiple days. Contact our business team to learn more.

Furniture, Clean-out & Demolition, and Other Companies: UTEC offers direct warehouse drop-offs or container collections throughout the New England area. Contact our business team to learn more.


When we divert mattresses from the waste stream, we recycle roughly 85% of each piece, by weight.  UTEC youth hand-cut the mattresses and recycle the steel, foam, wood, some of the toppers and cotton. We are happy to provide you with a certificate to acknowledge your efforts to divert mattresses from landfills and incinerators while helping our young people gain valuable work experience.


UTEC Mattress Recycling begins the journey of providing access to socio-economic success by providing employment opportunities for Lowell and Lawrence youth with proven risk factors, such as gang or criminal involvement.  UTEC Mattress Recycling enables our youth to gain on-the-job experience and learn valuable work place skills while learning the values of reuse, re-purposing and recycling.

For more on UTEC’s Mattress Recycling, see recent articles from WBUR Radio and The Boston Globe. Click on image below to see entire article.

Boston Globe feat Mattress Recycling

The Cascade Alliance supports UTEC and our Mattress Recycling program through consultation and financial resources.

Customer and Client Testimonials

“Being able to recycle our mattresses is important for our commitment to sustainability at Lesley University. We switched our mattress recycling vendor when we learned that UTEC supports at-risk youth. Their professionalism and ease of recycling made the transition very simple.”

- Michael Orr, Recycling Director, City of Cambridge

“UTEC Mattress Recycling, Massachusetts’s only mattress de-manufacturing program, was conceived in partnership with Lowell’s SW&R Office. We are committed to this strong program with fair pricing, great customer service and awesome results!”

- G. Wellenstein, Solid Waste & Recycling Office, DPW, Lowell